As always, all customers are responsible for their own logistics – i.e. it is the buyer’s responsibility to contract with a logistics provider to pick up their completed order from our factory, deliver it to the destination of choice and to pay for all services directly to the provider.  

Important note:  All orders must be paid in full before we will release them to your logistics provider / delivery service.

You are welcome to use any logistics provider that you wish. We do not have any preferred providers nor do we warranty, guaranty or endorse any provider including those listed on this page. You should start engaging providers 2 - 3 weeks before your order is expected to be completed to minimize delays

Before you start contacting delivery services / logistics providers, here are some questions you need to answer:

  • Is the order being delivered to a receiver with a dock (less expensive) or into a home (white glove delivery - most expensive)

  • Are there any special conditions or restrictions on delivery (is an appointment required?  certain delivery times?  stairs?  elevator?)

When you speak to service, you will want to ask them:

  • Do the items need to be shrink wrapped on cardboard trays or can they be blanket wrapped?

  • What documentation do we need to provide to their drivers?

  • Do we (BCU) need to call them for pick up?  If so - who do we call and when?

Normally, once your items are ready to ship, we cover each piece in a heavy duty plastic bag that is sufficient for most local and white glove delivery services.

If your logistics provider requires your items to be packaged, we will gladly tray and shrink wrap your items for a small fee:

Sofas / Love Seats / Chaise (up to 90”)                                $75 per piece

Chairs / Ottomans / Benches (up to 60”)                              $50 per piece

Headboards                                                                       $40 each

Platform Beds  (in addition to headboard)                              $80 each

Upholstered Bed Rails (in addition to headboard)                   $40 per set

If you prefer to not handle all the details, the following vendor provides additional levels of packaging and will also coordinate shipping:


Ampac Forwarding

2411 Shirra Place

High Point, NC 27263


If your shipper asks for weight estimates, use the following as a guide:

Sofa - 2 cushions     100#

    - 3 cushions        150#

    - 4 cushions        175#

Sofa Sleeper           275#

Ottoman                  50#

Bar Stool                 25#

Chair - Desk            35#

Chair - Dining         20#

Chair - Swivel         85#

Chair - Occasional - 75#

Chair - Wing -         75#

Chaise                 100#

Bench                    75#


    Twin                  45#

    Full / Queen      75#

    King                 90#

Recently we have had great luck with Averitt Express.  They offer various levels of service including white glove.  Call Brandon at 931-525-5296.  Sunbelt Express is also worth a call.


Two white glove services that have we have seen often on our dock are listed below.  Both of these providers will carry furniture with only a plastic bag cover.

A & O  Home Delivery                        336-882-5500

Peace Transport                                  336-431-5777

Lastly, we will gladly organize your shipment for you for a fee of $20 per piece to be shipped.  A few things to know before you select this option:

  • We will place your shipment with one of our preferred vendors which may not operate on your preferred timeline

  • You will need to pay us for the complete shipping costs and our handling fees before we release the shipment to the delivery service 

  • Once the order is picked up you will need to communicate directly with the service for timelines and delivery arrangements as we will have no contact with them after the order is picked up.

Once you have selected your provider, please send the provider contact information along with the delivery address to so that we may provide the appropriate paperwork.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

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