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Taking the plunge from designer or retailer to furniture brand is an exciting journey to delight current and future clients. At Barnes Custom Upholstery, we deeply value our partnerships and strive to provide you with exceptional customer service and  transparency.  We are happy to discuss options to develop your exclusive private upholstery line. So how does our private label program work exactly?

The first step is to make sure we are speaking the same language so let's look at a couple options:

1.  White Label - The term "white label" is used to describe products found in our catalog that we manufacture and that you sell under your brand name.  We offer all items in our catalog as White Label - i.e. upon request we will not place any deck labels or other distinguishing marks on the furniture you order so that you may add your own labels or advertise them as your own line or items.


2.  Custom Items - Custom / Bespoke items are those items that we build to your design or direction either one single time or on a very limited basis. Custom Items do not contain any deck labels or other distinguishing marks to indicate who manufactured the piece, just as in the White Label program.


3.  Private Label ItemsPrivate Label refers to those items that you design, that you intend to sell repeatedly and that will be marketed and sold under your own brand name.  Once we enter the world of Private Label the expectation is that we will make patterns for each piece of furniture and those patterns will be used each time we build that item for your brand.  Making patterns is an expensive proposition and there are costs associated with producing those patterns. Let's start by determining which type of Private Label customer you are:

Existing BrandAn existing brand / line of furniture that you are currently selling, that is currently being manufactured through another builder and that has existing and current sales history.

New BrandA new idea, concept, company or brand with limited or no sales history 

4.  OEM - We also offer OEM services where we build specific items for another manufacturer.  Many of our OEM customers focus on one type of product (like a certain sofa design or a collection of chairs) with high run rates but they use our services to build their custom items, items that are new to the line or items of which they need lower quantities. OEM is a combination of Custom Items and Private Label for an Existing Brand.

Things We Will Need to Know

Again, if you are needing a single piece or a limited run of items, please contact us about our Catalog or Bespoke programs.  If you fit into the Private Label category, we will want to discuss the following topics with you:

  • Number of designs, sizes and configurations (SKUs)

  • Manufactured quality (maple frame v engineered hardwood; 8 way hand tied springs v rubber web, etc.)

  • Annual volume per SKU

  • Purchase Volume (will you be ordering one item at a time or ordering multiples per SKU?)

  • Packaging Requirements

There are many more items to discuss but that short list will get us started in the right direction.

Now that we're all on the same page, let's get the conversation started-- reach out to us at or 336.885.7370 to say hello!   

Oh - and we can build both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL furniture including hospitality, institutional living and higher ed housing furniture.

We look forward to working with you to develop your private label furniture brand.

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