We are Open!

First, to all who are suffering financially, medically or emotionally from the tragic pandemic that is sweeping our world, our heartfelt condolences are offered.

For those designers that are able to keep working there's great news! We are too! We are open, operating and taking new orders!

While we are open, things have changed a bit until all businesses re-open. First, we are working limited days and hours to minimize the amount of time our team has to spend out of their homes. Currently we are operating Monday - Weds 8 - 3 and Thursday 8 - noon (EDT.).

Next, our facility is closed to all visitors including vendors, guests and customers.

We are lucky to have a modern, clean, large facility where each employee has over 1,000 square feet of space in which to social distance. Additionally we are following a strict regimen whereby we sanitize all common surfaces multiple times a day and have ensured that every employee has their own tools, equipment and work spaces so as to not have to touch or share items with other team members.

Lastly - all of our employees continue to receive a full week's pay but are only asked to work a 3 day week. Additionally, any employee that is not comfortable, is not feeling well or is concerned that they may have been exposed to the virus is allowed to stay home, no questions asked, and still receive full pay.

Together we are able to continue to service our interior designer clients and to product our luxury quality upholstered furniture without that pesky luxury price tag!

Stay Strong. Stay Healthy. Stay Positive.

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