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Custom Furniture 101

At this Fall's High Point Market we are teaming up with Steelyard, Greenhouse Fabrics and Deliveright to bring you a Custom Furniture 101 workshop where you can learn all you need to know about designing, ordering and shipping custom furniture!

In today's highly competitive world, your clients are shopping online, trying their hand at "design" with the help of popular TV Shows, Instagram and Pinterest - making it ever harder for talented Interior Designers to not only win business but to make money on every job.

Custom Furniture is the answer to your business needs! We will gladly build a single piece of furniture to meet your client's exacting needs - no way they can find THAT on the internet! But - before you get excited there are a bunch of things you need to know and this seminar is just the place to learn.

Mark your calendars and join us to learn how to order Bespoke Furniture and build your business even stronger!

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