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Building Your Inspiration

Since purchasing Barnes Custom Upholstery from the founders in 2016 I have been flummoxed as to how to "sell" our products. With each new designers I find a new way to convey all that our company does and with each new private label opportunity I find new ways for us to be great partners in helping grow their brand. After a year and a half I feel a bit like Sybil - one body, many personalities. Then it finally hit me...

Building Your Inspiration

We offer a nice catalog of "best selling" designs from more than 40 years of BCU - and we are hard at work in updating and improving that catalog. Most customers will either find a piece in our catalog to fill their needs or, at least, will use our catalog for inspiration.

But most of our interior designers hire us to build furniture to the designer's exacting design and needs. In short - we build the designer's inspiration. The same holds true when we partner with a retailer or major brand with private label services - we build their inspiration.

So I am proud to launch our new branding campaign, Building Your Inspiration. Barnes will never be a big, fancy brand name that you see splashed across the pages of major magazines. That's not who we are! Barnes is here to ensure that YOU are the star of the show. It is our job to do everything we can to make you and your brand successful.

Building Your Inspiration... We will always be hand crafted. We will always be Made in America. And we will always work hard to bring your inspirations, designs and dreams to life by Building Your Inspiration.

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