5 Interior Design Mistakes

One of our longtime interior design partners, Cynthia Schoonover, is our go-to person for all things design related. She has over 40 years of experience as an interior designer. She shared with us some common interior design mistakes that she has seen through her many years in the profession.

Bad Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design. You don’t want all the hard work of choosing beautiful pieces for you home to be compromised because of bad or lack of lighting. Your space should have as much natural lighting as possible. It is key to not block your windows with poorly placed curtains and accessories. One way to enhance natural light is to use mirrors across from your light source which will allow the light to bounce around the room. Overhead lighting using the classic incandescent bulbs are absolutely the way to go. LED lights have gained popularity over the past years but they do not provide the same soft lighting as the classic incandescent bulbs. Dimmers should also be added all ceiling and overhead lighting.

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Mass Produced Upholstery

Cynthia rarely purchases mass produced upholstered furniture for her clients. One of the most common misconceptions is that those mass produced items even if it is from a high end brand will last many years. Other designers we regularly work with choose custom upholstery that is crafted with the quality that was invented decades ago. One of their biggest gripes with mass produced upholstery is not knowing exactly how it is constructed and the type of materials that go into its production. To learn more about the benefits of custom upholstery read our article here.

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Poor Organization

Learning to control the organization of your home is important in the planning process of interior design. Think about how you typically store items and what types of accessories or furniture will help you manage the everyday clutter. Furniture design has become very innovative in regards to incorporating functionality and organization to pieces.

Unrealistic Choices

I am one of those people who love and dream of all white rooms- upholstered furniture, side tables, curtains, and rugs but unfortunately my lifestyle does not lend to that being a feasible choice in my home. It is important to consider how and who will be using your decor especially children and pets! There are many advancements in the fabric industry for durable stain resistant choices that should be used on highly used items. Similarly, breakable accessories at little hand or paw height is probably not the best choice in a home with children or pets.

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One realistic tip that Cynthia swears by is to make sure you have a chair in your living room that an older person can easily get in and out of.

Improperly Hung Artwork

People think that hanging artwork in their homes is great at their own eye level but what you should actually do is hang it 60 inches above the floor. This makes the artwork at eye level for most adults. Additionally, a common mistake is to position your artwork in an obvious way. Your piece will still look awesome over a sideboard or with a pile of books in front of it on the mantle.

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