Types of Back Cushions for Upholstered Furniture

There are so many types of design elements that are incorporated into custom upholstery and custom furniture. Standard Sofa Styles, Arm Styles, Leg Styles, Level of Quality, Fabric, and Back Cushions are elements that will go into your finished piece. Read more about the different types of back cushions for your next upholstered piece.

Box Back Cushions add a square tailored look that works well with clean, contemporary lines or with formal, traditional styling.

Envelope Back Cushions complement relaxed, contemporary styles. All back cushion styles are available on pieces that have loose back cushions.

Knife Edge Back Cushions coordinate well with contemporary or traditional rooms and have a soft, comfortable appearance.

Tight back

A tight back sofa has tightly upholstered fabric going straight across the back for a more tailored look. The upside to a tight back sofa is less maintenance as you don’t have to fluff back cushions. It is not quite as comfortable for lounging. You can add throw pillows to make it a bit more cozy.

Tufted back

This sofa back has deep folds and tufts on a grid, adding depth and a tailored look. Below are the various types of tufting available.

Traditional Tufted Back

Diamond shaped tufts are created by passing a thread through upholstery fabric at regular intervals. These are often ornamented with buttons.

Modern Tufted Back

In this style, tufting forms a square pattern, which requires folding the fabric in perpendicular lines before the tufting process. This style was made popular in mid century design as an alternative to the traditional diamond tufting.

Blind Tufted Back

Characterized by the lack of buttons, blind tufting is achieved simply by securing the pulled twine with a knot in the back, creating a modernized ‘invisible’ tuft.

Channel back

This sofa has a back that is upholstered in vertical rows.

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