Common Types of Patterns for Upholstery

We wrote about the different types of fabric and how to mix and match patterns but you may now be wondering what are the different patterns for my custom upholstered furniture? We're glad you asked! Below are the most common patterns types used in upholstery:

Body Cloths are solid colors or textures generally used on the body of a sofa or sectional.

Florals are patterns with flowers or leaves, usually done at a relatively large scale. Sometimes these are also called Jacquards.


Paisleys are teardrop shaped patterns and tend to be relatively ornate designs.


Geometric heavily feature squares, circles, patchwork, and so on.


Stripes include pinstripes, awnings, ombre, herringbone, and can be balanced or unbalanced.


Plaids include checks, ginghams, windowpanes, and hound's tooth.


Frames feature mirrored patterns like damasks.


Novelties are unusual designs such as animal skins or highly decorative designs.


Ethnic Patterns include suzani or ikat patterns.


Prints are anything printed on top of a woven fabric. These designs can be extremely complex because they are not limited to a loom, but they can also be more susceptible to fading as the design is not worked into the fabric itself but is only on the surface.


At Barnes Custom Upholstery, we are delighted to help you plan your next upholstery piece with any pattern that suits your clients desires. We handcraft all of our pieces in High Point, NC and are able to coordinate deliveries nationwide. Give us a call at 336.885.7370 or email to place an order.

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