5 Tips to Mix & Match Patterns in Your Home Decor

Combining prints and patterns into a room adds excitement and depth but you may be wondering what are the rules to make my decor look purposeful instead of a splattering of colors. Many people shy away from mixing patterns because of that fear and we are here to help boost your confidence to mix and match with delight in your home.

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1. The Magic Number

Interior designers love odd numbers when grouping and accessorizing rooms. A good place to start experimenting is with three patterns. The 60/30/10 rule is easy to implement.

Pattern 1- This is the pattern you love and is the strongest out of the group. This pattern should be a large scale and will be the jumping off place for the rest of the room. Use Pattern 1 for 60% of your design. Florals work well for large prints because they have a multitude of colors to pull from for the rest of the room.

Pattern 2- This piece is the 30% of your design and should have a few of the same colors as the first pattern but be half the scale.

Pattern 3- This is your accent color and complementary colors or a neutral textured piece in a smaller scale work well for the remaining 10% of your home design.

2. Color Intensity

When mixing patterns it is important to stay with the same color and intensity of your first pattern. This will ensure that a component of each pattern will relate to another. Examples: Don’t mix this year’s design trend of muted colors with jewel tones or don’t mix primary colors with pastels.

3. Repeat Colors in Patterns

Repeating colors from a pattern to pattern will help even out different patterns and allow your eye to move from one to another.

4. Solids & Textures

We mentioned before patterns is where excitement and fun lies in your design but you do not want to put too many patterns on top of each other. Solids and textures are fantastic to accent and separate your patterns. Incorporating a variety of textures is a huge design trend in 2017.

5. White

White is wonderful! It brings everything together and will make your patterns look more rich and vibrant. Only caveat is to make sure you use the same shade of white throughout your design.

Photo Credits: Dimples & Tangles, Design Sponge, Hative, The Inspired Room

Custom pillows are an easy way to choose the pattern and fabrics you love to update your home every year. Barnes Custom Upholstery would be delighted to put into practice these pattern design tips. We are located in High Point, North Carolina and have been crafting custom upholstery for over 40 years. Contact us at 336.885.7370 or email us at sales@barnescustomshop.com

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