Custom Furniture vs. Store Bought

Perhaps you just bought your first home or deciding to redecorate the family room now that your children are out of the messy hands stage (does that ever truly happen?) and you want to bring quality pieces into your home that reflect your style and tastes. One would think that buying furniture would be simple and an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, it can quickly turn into something more stressful and overwhelming for a number of reasons. When you are looking for where or what type of upholstered furniture to purchase, you should be considering custom furniture from a reputable manufacturer.

The Benefits of Custom Furniture vs. Store Bought

Many people have been afraid of having custom furniture made or they consider it a process for the elite. There are number of benefits that store bought furniture simply does not offer. It’s time to change the way you look and buy furniture because you have probably encountered the scenario in chain furniture stores or high end stores where you find something that is almost perfect. Except the size is a few inches off, or there is a missing functionality, or the quality of the piece will not last for more than a few years. Why spend the same amount or more for a high end sofa or headboard that is almost perfect when you can have perfect and one of a kind?


The undeniable fact is that the level of quality from decades of experience that goes into cutting every piece of wood and every last nail on fabric from Barnes Custom Upholstery will not be found from store bought furniture. Unique pieces from Barnes have a handcrafted spirit, quality, and precision that lasts the test of time. That kind of value is important in 10 or 20 years when you can reupholster your piece for a fraction of the cost of buying a new piece.

Fitting Your Space

The most obvious benefit of custom furniture is that each piece is created with the size specifications of the space it will inhabit. Walking into furniture store after furniture store with a tape measure can not only be exhausting with slim odds of finding the right piece but can change your mentality to “what will fit and hopefully look good.”

Custom furniture allows you to focus on the style and design that will look fantastic while knowing that the dimensions will fit in the space you have set aside. If you have an odd shaped space in your home that has no relation to standard furniture sizes that mass production depends upon then a custom length sofa or banquette could be created for your space. If you have a big open layout then you will need spatial division elements for comfort and flow. Now you are no longer working with puzzle pieces of furniture hoping that they will all work together and can look at room being set up through design first.


Besides fitting exactly as you want, the ability to design your furniture in a style you want and add the fabric of your choosing is another benefit of custom upholstered furniture. The ability to add components, finishes, and type of cushions is a benefit you certainly cannot get from store bought furniture. When you collaborate with our master craftspeople, you become part of a team that can execute your vision with supreme precision and beauty. Whether you want to emulate a particular style, re-imagine a piece from another brand, or bring to life your design-- custom upholstery is the way to get exactly what you want. We created a 13 foot velvet and leather banquette complete with hand carved vents for one client and an extra long seat depth on a sofa for a 6’5 client. There is no limit to what you can design with the right custom furniture shop.

If you want to your own piece of custom furniture please contact us. Barnes Custom Upholstery has been providing professionally hand crafted upholstered furniture for over 40 years. Join us at the table and let's plan your custom piece together! Call us at 336.885.7370 or email us at

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