What You Should Know About Custom Furniture

The furniture you present to your guests or clients should be a reflection of your personality, creative vision, and your high standards for quality. Nobody knows - or can deliver that- better than Barnes Custom Upholstery.

Commissioning custom furniture is similar to having a suit custom tailored to you instead of buying off the rack. The off the rack suit can function properly and be appealing but nothing will compare to the fit, design to your personal preferences, and overall feel of something crafted just for you. Buying off the rack is incomparable to seeing the completion of a one of a kind piece that is truly a symbol of you and your style.

Commissioning a custom piece of furniture for the first time for yourself or a client can be a daunting process so here are things to know to help you determine if Barnes custom upholstered furniture is for you.

  1. It may not be as expensive as you think. Custom furniture isn’t necessarily more costly than ready-made pieces from a showroom or brand name pieces, and can even be less expensive. Many factors influence the price from a big expensive brand such as designer fee, advertising, taxes, shipping, overhead costs, etc. As small local business, Barnes Custom Upholstery prices our pieces as fairly as possible. We look at the elements that go into a piece of furniture such as size, type of wood, cushion fill, and technical difficulty. We have the capability, skill sets and collaborative approaches that deliver exactly what you want.

  2. It may not take as long as you think. It does take awhile to design and build custom furniture and it is crucial to establish a time frame. You can expect after the project has been defined and designed it will take approximately 8 weeks to be completed. A little bit of patience for your hand crafted quality piece of furniture that is made for your exact specifications will pay off many years down the road.

  3. It is built especially for you. Our clients bring us napkin sketches, magazine tear sheets, email pictures, or even tweak one of the designs from the Barnes Catalog. Each piece is built for the space it will inhabit with the fabric that you choose that meet the necessities of your life. There is no limit to what we can craft for you. Put us to the test; we live for the challenge.

  4. It is built to stand the test of time. Barnes carries on the tradition of crafting fine upholstered furniture with skilled artisans and the old world methods that make our quality able to stand the test of time. From the type of wood, 8-way hand tied springs, in-house cushions shop, to the perfection of our upholsterers that create pieces that can be handed down to the next generation.

  5. It supports the American economy. When you commission a piece of custom upholstered furniture from Barnes you are supporting a dying art form of quality craftsmanship that is part of the South’s rich history and traditions. We’re proud to be located in High Point, North Carolina, the furniture capital of the world, using locally sourced materials and employing decades of experience in the furniture industry.

If you want to your own piece of custom furniture please contact us. Barnes Custom Upholstery has been providing professionally hand crafted upholstered furniture for over 40 years. Join us at the table and let's plan your custom piece together! Call us at 336.885.7370 or email us at sales@barnescustomshop.com.

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