The Barnes Mission

Since Barnes Custom Upholstery was established over 40 years ago as a small family business the main goal was to create an unsurpassed quality of custom furniture for the public. Word-of-mouth through the furniture industry such as interior designers and larger furniture brands brought in new business that made Barnes Custom Upholstery the place to use for any and all types of custom upholstery work.

As the years have passed and Barnes has grown to accommodate new business by expanding our manufacturing shop and employing the best team of craftsmen and experts to meet the standards of excellence that were used when the business first started. In 2016, the original owners of Barnes Custom Upholstery decided to retire and sell the business to another family that owns several other local businesses in North Carolina. One of the stipulations of the sale was that the quality of the furniture produced would not be compromised.

After the transition to new ownership, the entire Barnes team met to discuss the key foundations that has cultivated our reputation through out the furniture industry as well as the direction and improvements that everyone wanted the company to implement. We wanted to create a benchmark for every business decision to ensure we stay on target with our core beliefs as an organization. The Barnes Custom Upholstery mission statement is as follows:

We are committed to producing top quality, professionally hand crafted furniture in a safe, clean, and respectful environment while providing the highest level of customer service.

Employees, Quality, Customer Service. Those are the legs that Barnes Custom Upholstery has been built upon.

Every aspect of Barnes Custom Upholstery from quality pieces to customer service is dependant on our employees which is why we have invested in creating a safe, clean, and respectful environment at our shop. We have spent hours clearing out old frames, scrubbing floors, updating restrooms, and creating a break area to demonstrate how much we value our employees expertise and loyalty. We believe in quality by design and carrying that concept to how we treat our employees to make Barnes Custom Upholstery a place that people want to work.

The quality of every piece of upholstered furniture is created by our craftspeople that are dedicated to furniture making and respected by their trade. The expertise of these individuals come from decades of hands-on tradition of craftsmanship that is truly an artform. Each piece is hand crafted with locally sourced materials and we are proud to say we’re “Made in America”. The process in which our frame builders, cutters, sewers, and upholsterers complete their work are the same exact methods since Barnes Custom Upholstery opened its doors. We believe in upholding our traditions and working to keeping handcrafted American furniture in High Point, North Carolina- The Furniture Capital of the World.

Our clients have grown and evolved with Barnes Custom Upholstery over the years as the furniture industry has changed. We are immensely grateful for all the opportunities to bring more beauty & comfort into homes across America. We are more committed to relationship building than ever before. As a small company that delivers personalized service, we offer a collaborative experience that makes us easy to work with, readily available, and responsive to your needs. Our top initiative is implementing new ways to more efficiently work with our clients through easier design communications, purchasing, and tracking progress of your orders.

Join us at the table and let’s plan your next piece together! Call us at 336.885.7370 or send us an email of your design or inspiration at

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