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The success of ordering custom furniture lies in the details. And while we want to make the ordering process as easy as possible, it is imperative that all those nitty gritty details be clearly defined so that you know what you are ordering and we know how to meet your expectations.  

Before you do anything make sure you have read our Terms & Conditions.  This isn't some boring lawyer speak - our T & C contains a bunch of information about design, ordering, delivery times, etc.  Upon receipt of your PO it is assumed that you have read and agree with our Terms & Conditions.

1.  All Orders Must be in Writing

If you have your own Purchase Order system please feel free to send us a PO.  If you do not use a PO system, feel free to sign the Estimate that we send to you and mail back a copy along with your deposit and COM forms.

If there are any special design details that stand out to you, please spell them out.  Everyone looks at a design differently and we want to make sure we are focusing on the elements most important to you!

2.  All PO's Must Include:

  • A PO #, Sidemark or Other Reference

  • Bill To and Ship To Addresses

  • Contact information of who we should call with any questions

  • Complete COM information

  • Any deadlines or delivery expectations

  • Photos, drawings, references - anything that illustrates your design

3.  Please Reference our Estimate or Email Quote

If we have previously sent you an estimate or quote either from our estimating system or via email exchange, please reference that information on your Purchase Order so that we may honor the pricing quoted.

4.  COM Form

Please fill out and include a copy of our COM form found on our website here.  Best practice is to include a snippet of each fabric attached to the COM form so that we can compare the fabrics we receive to the fabrics you are expecting us to receive.   If there are any design elements or focal points on the fabric that you want placed in a certain way - be sure to include that information on the COM form.  And always remember - a picture is worth a thousand words.

5.  50% Deposit

We ask for a 50% deposit before work begins.  Checks are preferred however we do accept credit cards with a 3% processing fee.  If you wish to use a credit card please call the office 336-885-7370 and give us that credit card number.


  • Our goal is to have all orders ready to ship within 8 weeks however during busier times of the year that timeline can stretch  by a couple of weeks - please plan your installations accordingly

  • Timeline does not include shipping and delivery 

  • Timeline starts once we receive signed Order, Deposit and the last piece of COM

  • Any details not specified on the Purchase Order are up to the builder's discretion including dimensions, shape, form, fabric placement, etc.  


Please  know how much we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.  We want to make the process and experience as easy as possible while still ensuring the highest level of success.  Please do not hesitate to call upon us with any needs, questions or suggestions.

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