Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I order furniture from Barnes Custom Upholstery?

Most importantly, please note that we are a "To the Trade Only" company - we do not sell directly to retail customers.  If you are a retail customer please contact us and we will gladly connect you with a designer in your area that can help you get a fabulous piece of custom furniture!

For Design Trade Customers - please start by setting up an account using our online form  This ensures we have all the right details about your business and provides us the info we need to validate you as a Design Trade Professional.  


Once you have set up your account you can either call us at 336.885.7370 or send an email to sales@barnescustomshop.com  to request pricing, information, etc.  We are here to help guide you through the process so please reach out in whatever communication method is best for you!


Once you are ready to order we will ask that you submit a written purchase order with all pertinent information concerning your order.  Once received, we will turn your PO into a written Quote (sometimes referred to as an  Estimate. ) Please note - this Quote/Estimate becomes the Work Order for our craftsmen to use in building your furniture - they do not have access to any other communications that you may send including conversations, emails, photos, etc.  Therefore it is imperative that you review this Estimate carefully.  Once you approve the Estimate -the furniture that is built is yours to keep!

We also ask that you fill out and submit our COM Form 

After I have confirmed my quote and receive a purchase order what is next?

Please ship or drop off your fabric and any trims to our manufacturing facility at 677 Southwest St., High Point, NC 27260.  We receive dozens of bolts of fabric a day so it is imperative that your fabric arrive with proper identification / sidemarks.

How long does a standard catalog piece of furniture to take to be completed?

The timeline for building an item from our catalog starts once we have received all of the following items:  Signed Order with complete and final details, Deposit, All Fabrics, trims and other customer provided items.  After all of those items are received, your furniture is generally ready to ship within 6 - 8 weeks.  

Can I customize an item from the Barnes Catalog?

Yes, absolutely. Our clients are able to modify an existing frame dimensions, upgrade cushion, back or throw pillows, change skirt style, use decorative trims, fringes, and contrast welts. There is an upcharge to modifications on a catalog item that will be included in your quote. Give us a call at 336.885.7370 to discuss your customizations.

Can I submit my own design to be built by Barnes Custom Upholstery?

Absolutely!  Building bespoke furniture is key to the Barnes brand.  We work with designers every day to turn their designs into beautiful furnishings.

How long does a customized catalog item or a bespoke, fully custom piece of furniture take to be completed?

The timeline for building your furniture starts once we have received all of the following items:  Signed Order with complete and final details, Deposit, All Fabrics, trims and other customer provided items.  After all of those items are received, your furniture is generally ready to ship within 6 - 8 weeks.  Please keep in mind that custom furniture takes art, patience and a lot of hard work and there can be unforeseen complications during the build process.  We can not guarantee a ready date but we do everything we can to achieve the goal time line.  

What happens to the leftover fabric after order is completed?

Our Customer Owned Material (C.O.M.) policy is that Barnes Custom Upholstery will store the short end of your fabrics for 30 days after completion. After 30 days, the remaining fabric will be disposed of. Please let us know when you place your order if you would like your fabric returned with your completed furniture.

When will production begin on my order?

Orders will move into production upon receipt of ALL of the following:

  • Purchase Order Confirmation

  • 50% Deposit

  • Selection of Finish (if applicable)

  • All Fabric(s)

  • All Decorative Trim(s)

How will I receive my furniture?

All orders are FOB Plant meaning that our customers are responsible for coordinating the pickup and delivery and all cost associated with shipping of their furniture.  We will inform you once your furniture is completed and we are happy to connect you to our preferred vendors for exceptional white glove delivery services.  From time to time we will help arrange and coordinate shipping however Barnes Custom Upholstery does not recommend, guaranty nor warranty the services, security, quality or pricing of any other vendor.  A small service charge will be applied to each piece of furniture for which we coordinate shipping.

Does Barnes do reupholstery work?

Barnes Custom Upholstery does not reupholster pieces of furniture but we do own Murphy's Upholstery in Greensboro, North Carolina where we send any reupholstery requests.

Murphy's Upholstery

1705 West Gate City Blvd.

Greensboro, NC 27403




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