Making sure that the dimensions and measurements are correct is the first (and some would say "most important") element of designing and ordering custom / bespoke furniture.  To make sure we are on the same page, please take a look at the attached document to understand the terms and abbreviations we use when referring to furniture dimensions.


When you place your order we will need to include each of these dimensions on the order form.

Best Practice:  Measure your favorite piece of furniture first and use those measurements to guide your new design

average dimensions

In case goods, any industry standards exist and many sources may be found listing these standards.  However when it comes to upholstery, "standards" are anything but standard.  In the end, there are as many variables in upholstered furniture dimensions as there are people.  The most important dimension to remember is not the standard dimensions, but the dimension that is perfect for your client's comfort and use.

It is also important to keep in mind the way your client will use the furniture you are designing.  A client that enjoys curling up on a sofa may want a deeper seat depth whereas a customer that enjoys having their head supported when reclining may want a taller back.  

In the attached document we have assembled a list of "averages" to use as a test when designing your furniture.  We have found it always best to compare dimensions to these numbers to ensure that we have not gone totally out of bounds in design.  Again - customer use and comfort trump all - but hopefully these averages will give you some things to consider when designing the perfect, bespoke piece of furniture.

Best Practice:  Seat depth plus 11" should equal the measurement from your customer's back (when seated) to the floor

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