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There’s no quality better than Barnes.

Barnes quality is a tradition that’s been passed down from one craftsperson to the next — and a commitment that we keep, year after year. A lot of furniture makers talk about craftsmanship, but at Barnes, we live it.  We’ve recruited long-time industry craftspeople who’ve been with us for years and who train apprentices to carry on the trade.


It may be a new day in furniture, but we’re still making furniture the Old World way: meticulously, by hand, one piece at a time. We believe in quality that you can see and feel. No creaking or squeaking — just the most well-made, time-tested upholstery you can buy.


The minute you sit down, you’ll recognize the outstanding quality of our work, but what you might not know is what goes into crafting the best seat in the house:


  • We build the entire frame with a level of care that is practically unheard of. Only the strongest wood will do. Thicker than industry standard, our wood is 5 quarter-inch kiln dried maple. Our construction is double doweled, double screwed, and then glued with meticulous care. Every piece we make begins at this level of quality.


  • All of our seats are made with 8-way, hand-tied springs and covered with spring down. Our cushions are made in house, one by one, with a layer of foam, a layer of springs, and finished with another layer of foam. You simply cannot construct a better cushion.


  • Every single step of our upholstery process is a distinctive, high-touch, custom approach. Once your frame comes down the line, a cutter, sewer and upholsterer work together to carefully measure and determine the best way to apply your fabric so that it lays securely and beautifully along every surface of the furniture — no matter the nap, the sheen, or the pattern. Hand applying every piece is the one and only way we can ensure the quality that Barnes demands.


These are the high standards that have been passed down from decade to decade and what we promise to carry forth. After all, tastes and designs may change, but quality never goes out of style.

Made in North Carolina by some of the finest
furniture craftspeople in the nation.

At Barnes Custom Upholstery, we’re proud to say we’re “American Made.” Everything that we make is sourced domestically, and almost exclusively in the South. We’re even prouder to carry on North Carolina’s tradition of crafting fine furniture by the hands of people who carry forward what would otherwise be a dying art. When you partner with Barnes, you’re tapping into the history, craftsmanship and style that makes the South distinctive — and making it your own.


Barnes brings to life what you want to create, emulate or reimagine.

As a designer or a retailer, the furniture you present to your clients should be a reflection of your creative vision and your high standards for quality. Nobody knows — or can deliver that — better than Barnes. When you collaborate with our designers and master craftspeople, you become part of a team that can execute your vision with supreme precision and beauty. Whether you want to emulate a particular style, reimagine a piece from another brand, or bring to life your very own design, we have the capability, skillsets and collaborative approaches that deliver exactly what you want, when you need it. Our clients bring us napkin sketches, magazine tear sheets or even just a page from the Barnes catalog. There is no limit to what we can craft for you. Put us to the test; we live for the challenge. No matter the original source of inspiration, we craft the upholstery that gets your customers excited — because that’s what excites us.


One of our greatest privileges is keeping the handcrafted tradition alive.

Ranging in age from 22 to 82, Barnes craftspeople are dedicated to furniture making and respected for their trade. At Barnes, we don’t just love what we do. We love that we’re one of the few who do it. In many ways, making furniture by hand is a dying art — but not if we have a say about it. The feel of the plane gliding across the surface of wood. The satisfaction that comes with pounding the last nail. We’re passing a needle and thread through the back of a chair one day and tufting cushions the next. Every day is a new adventure to our ultimate destination: the moment you lay eyes on the finished piece and you know that your furniture is distinctively Barnes and yet perfectly you.


Barnes is more relationship oriented than ever before.

Today, Barnes is more committed to relationship building than ever before. You’re more than a client — you’re our partner.  As a small company that delivers personalized service, we can offer you a one-on-one, collaborative experience that makes us easy to work with, readily available, and responsive to your needs. We’re constantly enhancing our ability to take care of you, whether it’s being extremely efficient with your fabric or using technology to track your project and provide instant updates on progress. Join us at the table and let’s plan your next piece together.

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